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      Local dealership booming with local economy

      The Fox Chevrolet dealership in Negaunee has been open for more than a year. Since then, it's grown into the largest GM dealer in the Upper Peninsula. Its success has inspired owners to open a second dealership selling Chryslers.

      "I never thought I would see the day that there would be a brand new dealership in Negaunee," said General Manager Robert Hanson. "It's very proud, I feel very proud to be a part of it."

      The addition of both dealerships positively impacts the local economy.

      "We have people coming from all over the U.P. to purchase now. The majority now are from Marquette County, but we do have a lot of people, like I said, it's the largest GM dealer in the U.P. and it won't be long before it's the largest Chrysler dealer in the U.P.," Hanson said.

      A total of 20 new jobs were added when the Chrysler dealership opened, making it a total of 60 jobs at both dealers, employing people from Marquette, Ishpeming, and Negaunee.

      The Fox Negaunee Chevrolet and Buick store sells on average 80 cars per month, but with the new addition of the Chrysler store, that number has jumped to 120 cars, and they hope that number will keep rising. Their goal is to sell at least 60 cars monthly from the Chrysler dealer. The presence of the new dealers now has more businesses looking to move to Negaunee.

      "Other businesses see that and want to improve things," said Negaunee City Manager Jeff Thornton. "Also, we have growth there because people see things happening in Negaunee as a potential for a city of growth; they want to get on the cusp of the growth."

      Thornton says some of the businesses taking part in that growth include the new Dollar General store and Super One Foods, and there's also the possibility that O'Riley's Auto Parts store may be coming, too.