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      Local ESPN sports radio station hits FM

      A local AM sports talk radio station has expanded into the FM band.

      ESPN 970 WZAM AM now has an additional FM channel and is now ESPN UP. Sports talk radio fans can now find ESPN UP Radio on 93.3 on the FM as well. The expansion allows for clearer reception both day and night. The station's owner says this helps listeners stay tuned even when the days get shorter.

      "What that means for people that like to listen to our station is they'll hear it at 93.3 on the FM dial. It will be the same, day and night, as opposed to what happens with the AM radio station; the FCC makes us go to a low power at sundown and remain that way until sun up the next day. So in the winter time, our days are kind of short at full power, so it's quite a significant difference," said station owner, Tom Mogush.

      The new 93.3 FM channel became active during the overnight hours Wednesday.

      Along with national ESPN format, ESPN UP features the Upper Peninsula's only local daily sports talk show, called the Sports Pen with Casey Ford and Bill Blohm, from 4 to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

      The station is still not sure just how far the signal will reach across the area.