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      Local farm recovering after burned barn

      It's been a week since a fire destroyed a barn at the Seeds and Spores Family Farm. They're in the process of rebuilding with the support of the community.

      Metal scraps are what's left after a fire burned down a barn at the Seeds and Spores Family Farm in Chocolay Township. It happened last Monday in the early morning hours. The organic farm specialized in selling their vegetables locally.

      "Kind of the center of our business. We use that building to wash and pack our produce. We had a walking-in cooler and a walking-in freezer. We had an office; we had a shop in there. We also had a milking parlor in there where we milk our cows," said Jeff Hatfield, co-owner.

      Since the fire, the community has come together to help them continue their business. Local farmers set up a temporary wash and pack area to package their produce.

      "We had a full pallet ahead of us for the rest of the year as it's July and the rest of the year and the produce looks beautiful. So yeah, it does stretch us a little bit," Hatfield said.

      Work is underway to clean and assess the damage. There's no word on when they will know what caused the fire.

      Hatfield says insurance could cover at least $150,000, but that's just half of the loss of more than $300,000. He says he doesn't know how they will cover the loss, but believes with the continued help of the community, they will rebuild.

      "Really like to say thanks to all of our loyal supporters and local farmers who immediately stepped up to help us take care of our immediate problems," Hatfield said.

      If you want to donate, there will be a fundraiser happening Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. at the Ore Dock Brewery with a silent auction.

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