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      Local hospital prepares to face saline shortage

      Influenza outbreaks and increased demand have led to a shortage of saline for hospitals across the United States, but what could that mean for Marquette General Hospital?

      According to officials at MGH, they've been dealing with the shortage since the end of January. Saline is used for rehydrating patients and also to deliver intravenous drugs.

      Once alerted to the possible shortage, staff began to look at how they could conserve bags for future use.

      "We're OK. We're having to manage the types of bags that we distribute throughout the facility; we've got different sizes of bags based upon patient needs, but that allows us to continue taking care of patients in a way that they need to be taken care of," said T. Aaron Jones, MGH Director of Pharmacy.

      Jones said they get their saline from three different suppliers. All three have listed increased demand as the reason for shortages.