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      Local man makes his own salsa

      One man from L'Anse is bringing salsa to the U.P.

      Damien Warra decided to start selling his own batch of salsa called Crazy Joe's Salsa. Warra says the idea came from his father who started making fresh salsa out of his store in Tapiola.

      There's a fresh cucumber salsa and a tomato salsa which are all natural and gluten-free.

      ??We're kind of hoping that for one, they like it, and the thing that they would like about it is that it's something that is unique. It's fresh and it's healthy. All of our products are all natural, fresh, with no preservatives,?? said Damien Waara, co-owner.

      Crazy Joe's Salsa ranges in price from four dollars to five dollars.

      If you'd like more information on where you can find the salsa, click here.