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      Local man runs 80 miles in less than 24 hours

      Running on Isle Royale

      Scott Drum is described by his friends and colleagues as a go-getter, and a man of great spirit and high energy.

      So although they are proud and are celebrating his accomplishment, to them it's not a surprise that Drum completed such a trek in a day.

      Drum says the entire effort took a lot of planning, physically, mentally, and logistically.

      But he did it, and a reception was held Tuesday in his honor.

      83.5 miles in 19 hours and 22 minutes.

      That's how much and how long Scott Drum ran.

      "Well, motivation-wise to do this is personally inspired, challenge to figure out sort of my own physcial limits, and in general to showcase physcial activity and what you can do in a day," said Drum.

      Drum is a Professor of Exercise Science at Northern Michigan University.

      He's been a runner since he was 10 years old, doing 5K's and other long distance races.

      However, Drum says he prefers scenic trail runs more than races, which is partly why he decided to run what he called his "Upper Peninsula Ultra Run Double."

      "It seemed like a kind of fun challenge for me, but in general it might even inspire others to get out for ten minutes or five minutes if they hear about this," said Drum.

      "Well Scott's a real go-getter. He's a real endurance kind of guy. Excellent with running, obviously, and has a long history in running. But he's also been doing some cross-country skiing here. Just really good over the long-haul," said Phil Watts, NMU Professor of Exercise Physiology, and Drum's friend and colleague.

      Drum started running at 2:28a.m. Sunday, August 17th at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

      He ran 43.5 miles from the Au Sable Visitor Center in Grand Marais to Munising Falls.

      Once that was finished, he drove to Houghton and got on a plane to Isle Royale.

      Then he ran another 40 miles on the Greenstone Ridge Trail from Windigo to Rock Harbor.

      He finished at 2:40a.m. Monday, August 18th.

      During the night hours, Drum wore a headlamp.

      "When I'm out there doing these different types of things it reinforces what I teach. And it might be metabolism or muscle function, or fatigue, how to fight that, or even the mental aspects," said Drum.

      Drum said the challenge was just as tough as he expected.

      His previous distance record in a day was 50 miles.

      Drum said to prepare for Sunday's grueling challenge, he ran about 80 miles per week on some of the forest trails near Marquette.

      From all of us here at TV6 & FOX UP, congratulations, Scott!