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      Local market expands into healthy choices

      Elmer's County Market in Escanaba has recently expanded its selection to cater to customers who are more health-conscious with a door in the healthy living section that's filled with some unique products.

      There you'll find veggie loafs and other vegetarian, vegan, and organic products. The general manager says the items have been selling well.

      The store planned the addition last year when they added extra space. Elmer's may expand the selection, depending on how popular the items continue to be with customers.

      "Because it's organic and dairy-free, it is more expensive to produce," said General Manager Rod Stende. "And they don't produce them in as large a volume as some of the other items, so it does become more expensive and that's just the choice a person has to make."

      Other healthy choice alternatives that have increased in popularity at the store are gluten-free items. Elmer's says much of what they order is based on customer requests.