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      Local musician gains state honors

      A band member at Marquette Senior High School received a notable distinction that not too many in the Upper Peninsula can claim.

      Kaylee Whitfield, a senior at MSHS, has been playing the bassoon for seven years and is one of the top four to play at the upcoming Michigan Youth Arts concert at Western Michigan University. Whitfield was selected from 84 other nominated student musicians in Michigan. Her strong performance skills received high praise from her instructor.

      "She's just a phenomenal artist and student, and she brings a mature approach to the instrument that's really unusual for someone her age, and she's just an extremely accomplished artist," said MSHS Band Director, Matt Ludwig.

      "I have a great love for music in the first place, and I don't know, I just get this amazing feeling when I play the bassoon. It's the gift God gave me," said Whitfield.

      The star musician will graduate this spring and plans to major in bassoon performance. She's currently deciding between Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.