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      Local organization goes on shopping spree

      Cliffs Natural Resources is helping to flourish vocational skills for kids at Teaching Family Homes. Together they gathered at Lowe's to shop for some new workshop tools for their skills center.

      "It's a valuable need that we have for tools. We're just thrilled that we've had a number of organizations that have helped us. But, certainly for them to step forward; we couldn't be more happy with their generosity," said Rich Rossway, Teaching Family Homes.

      The skills center was a winter project that was finished in May. There, the kids learn life skills, ranging from basic construction, plumbing, electrical work, and how to get along with coworkers.

      "How to build tables, legs, and anything that comes along with the table itself. I've learned using tape measures, anything that is needed for basic tooling," said Justin Tant.

      The idea is to teach kids how to use the tools they would be using at a jobsite or to prepare any matierials at that site. So far they have some power tools which were donated, but they lack specific safety features, so they are looking to upgrade.

      "A miter saw that has all the proper safety gears on it. Blade guards and things like that. Some hand saws, the manual kind; the good arm, strong kind. Miter box saw, cross cut saws, gripping saws, things like that," said Dave Mastric, Service Learning Coordinator.

      Within fifteen minutes of shopping, their cart was already full. Cliffs Natural Resources donated $500 for the cause.

      "This is a great opportunity for Cliffs to be able to give back to our community and give back to kids who are eventually going to be a part of our workforce. So this is a really great thing, and we are happy to be a part of it," said Jennifer Huetter, Cliffs Natural Resources.