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      Local parties react to election results

      Tuesday night's election results have sparked conversation all over the country, and that's no different for the Upper Peninsula.

      The Marquette County Democrats were all smiles as President Barack Obama was reelected president, but for the Marquette County Republicans, it's time to pick up the pieces.

      "I was very optimistic coming into the election. I really thought the races would be close. I actually thought that we were going to come up on the better side of this. We really got beat pretty soundly," said Marquette County Republican Chair Dan Adamini.

      When it comes to the State House races, Republicans were also disappointed with the results. Even though Republican Ed McBroom was able to hang on to his job in the 108th District, Republicans lost a seat in the 110th District when Democrat Scott Dianda defeated incumbent Matt Huuki.

      And in the 109th District, Democrat John Kivela defeated Jack Hubbard.

      "We had done over 70,000 phone calls. We had done 8,000 or more doors. So we went out and found our vote and targeted them and went after them. That was an organization sort of across the country, so by doing that, we felt very good," said Vice Chair of the Marquette Democratic Party, Tom Baldini.

      Now, Republicans say they are blaming local losses on negative campaign ads.

      "All of the money that went into negative false's very frustrating because those attacks work. And it would be...I think if people would seek the truth...I wish those things wouldn't sway voters, but they do," Adamini added.

      Both parties are packing up their headquarters until next election season.