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      Local reaction to Millen's demise

      The deed has been done, and sometimes a father does listen to his son. The Lions have fired President and CEO Matt Millen.

      The move comes more than seven years after the former linebacker and TV analyst took over one of the NFL's most mediocre franchises and made it the worst. Millen's teams won a league-low 31 games and lost 84 since he took over in 2001, but Detroit owner William Clay Ford had refused to get rid of him until now. Local Lions fans are relieved.

      "I think I'm one of the most optimistic Lions fans there are around here. And I've had it this year, and I think it's time for a change and hopefully they'll move in the right direction," said Lion's die hard fan, Jeff Collins.

      When asked if he could believe that the firing took this long, Collins replied, "With the Fords? Yes, they've always had loyalty to their employees. But I think enough's enough and hopefully it will work out in the end."

      When asked about the Millen firing, Mining Journal Senior Sports Writer, Craig Remsburg, responded with, "Matt Millen took over a bad Lion team and he made it worse, possibly the laughing stock of the NFL through bad drafts, poor decision making on free agents, bad choice of coaches. It's been a long time coming, and I was frankly surprised that it came right now. I thought maybe they'd wait until the end of the season."

      Detroit has been routed in each of its first three games this season, falling behind 21-0 twice and 21-3 once enroute to lopsided losses. Losing to Green Bay is one thing, but Atlanta and San Francisco is another, especially with former Lions reserve quarterback, J.T. O'Sullivan, and former Lions offensive coordinator, Mike Martz, in charge of the 49ers. The Lions are off this week. Teams can accomplish a lot during the bye week.