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      Local resident wins $20,000!

      In Escanaba, a Delta County Credit Union member won $20,000! The Grand Raffle is annually sponsored by Michigan Credit Unions.

      Brian Porior, a Delta County Credit Union member, was chosen this year. After several attempts at purchasing a ticket, one of his five entries was chosen.

      A total of 45,345 raffle tickets were sold for $5 by 150 credit unions state wide this year. Winners had the option to put the $20,000 towards a new Chevrolet Malibu or Silverado, or take the check.

      Porior was surprised he won.

      "At first I was shocked and like, there's no way I won, you know,?? said Porior. ??And they said I won; like, what'd I win? Like twenty bucks or something? And I found out it was twenty grand, and I'm super excited!"

      Porior and his family plan to put the newly won money towards bills.