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      Local store offers quality for less

      ReBlossom is a consignment store in Marquette that buys gently used women's clothing.

      A major difference between ReBlossom and other stores is that they only buy clothes that have been purchased within the last two years, in order to keep their selection up-to-date. If the clothes don't sell within six months, they are taken off the sales racks and donated to Forest Robert's Theater.

      "Women from the U.P. shop everywhere, universally. So we get all of those clothes they are tired of, don't fit them anymore, or bought it on a whim, so we have a fabulous selection," said Store Manager Diane Tonella.

      Those who want to sell their clothes to ReBlossom can receive their money up-front, receive a store credit, or wait until the items are sold to another customer.

      Some consignment stores even sell high-end designer items. For example, if you wanted to get a COACH purse, in the store it would cost you $400. At ReBlossom, it costs you $150 less.

      "There's only one of a kind. You're not going to find that same outfit on somebody else. And that's what makes it nice. The prices are reasonable," said ReBlossom shopper Peggy Lee Leach.

      One of the most popular items of the year was skinny jeans, but more and more women also bought wide-legged pants as well.

      A ll of the clothes in ReBlossom are marked down from their original price, however, they are looking into buying their own new clothes as well.