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      Local student wins Facebook essay competition

      A Marquette Senior High School student is going to be spending the day with a professional volleyball player.

      Elle Pearson's winning essay on happiness is earning her some quality time with Dain Blanton, an Olympic volleyball player. Blanton visited the high school this school year and hosted a contest that had students all over the country writing about their life goals.

      For Pearson, she wasn't sure of her career goals, so she focused on one thing she's sure about when it comes to her future, happiness.

      "Happiness is what I grew up with, and it's always been a part of our lifestyle," said Pearson. "Money isn't everything, jobs aren't everything. It's important, and those will make you happy if you're trying to succeed, but happiness is way too important to put those before it."

      Elle Pearson's essay had almost 1,400 likes on Facebook, which gave her the edge in winning the competition.

      Blanton plans to come back to the high school before the end of the year.