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      Local students learn valuable lesson on giving back

      Nearly the entire student body at the Marquette Alternative High School at Graveraet in Marquette wore pink clothing Wednesday for a good cause.

      English teacher Cynthia DePetro organized the fundraising event as part of the school's new "Empathy Versus Apathy" theme. DePetro, who recently lost her mother to cancer, says the sea of pink showed solidarity with those who've battled the disease. An anonymous donor had agreed to donate one dollar for each student with a pink wardrobe. Marquette Area Public School's Superintendent Debbie Veight, who made an appearance at the event, also agreed to match the donation.

      "It was a moment where any parent could look on at their children and say wow, they get it," said DePetro.

      "This school is a family as it is, and seeing everybody come together for a cause and all wear pink and all do something together was so awesome," said MAHS student Sophia Novak.

      Ninety-four students, faculty and community members participated in the event. The money collected will go toward the Marquette General Oncology Department.