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      Local tattoo artists attend casting call for reality show

      A Marquette couple with their own tattoo shop just received a call from Ink Master, a Spike TV reality show where 16 top tattoo artists compete and prove their skills.

      "It was kinda cool that they were like, â??Hey, come do this casting call,â??" said Kerri Shelafoe, Rendezvous co-owner.

      Kerri and Chris got married in early August and received the call a week later.

      "We left for our honeymoon on the fourth and the casting calls were on the fourth," said Chris Shelafoe, other co-owner of Rendezous. "It was kinda like a fate thing."

      Chris began tattooing a year ago; as for Kerri, she's been working in tattoo shops since she was 15 and began inking at 18 years old. They opened Rendezvous Tatto and Body Piercing two years ago and say itâ??s been gradually growing ever since.

      "See the smile on people's faces when this idea that they had comes to fruition," Kerri said.

      As passionate as they are for tattoos, practically covered themselves, they remind customers to be certain before getting in the hot seat.

      "Consider your career choices, what you do for a living," Chris insisted.

      For those who do have a change of heart, removing one could be a painful procedure physically and financially costing hundreds to thousands of dollars.

      There's no word yet if the couple will be on the reality show, but they say it's an honor to have their artistry recognized.