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      Locals headed to RNC to be heard

      A progressive group, critical of Congressman Dan Benishek, is planning to have a presence at the Republican National Convention in Florida.

      "Good Jobs Now" has protested outside the congressman's Marquette office in the past over his position on tax cuts. They also say they have not been given a chance to speak with Benishek directly. Now, three members of the group are heading to Tampa to confront him.

      "We're his neighbors, we live in the same place he lives, and he's ignored us, he hasn't talked to us. And his standard form letter is getting tiring. I want an answer, I want to look the man in the eye so he can tell me, well, I care more about tax breaks for the wealthy, than you," said spokeswoman for Good Jobs Now, Zelda Ziemer.

      Benishek spokesman, Raffi Williams, responded saying in part,"The success of his entire community drives him every day to continue to push for pro-job growth initiatives and to fight big government from intruding on the success of our small businesses and communities so we can get all northern Michigan families back to work."