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      Locals react to final debate

      All eyes were peeled on the T.V. screen at the Democratic and Republican Headquarters in Marquette. Everyone was focused on whom was going to say what during this final Presidential Debate.

      The conversation was on foreign policy, and many people seem to agree that the candidates were more civil with each other this time around.

      Tom Cappucci says President Barack Obama has the right strategy when it comes foreign affairs, and Governor Romney hasn't been straightforward.

      "He (Obama) has a command of the facts. He has a very balanced idea of what is occurring and what has occurred," said Cappucci.

      William Ball says Obama was attacking Romney and not giving answers.

      "Mr. Obama is dismantling our nuclear forces. This is not the way to show strength around the world," said Ball.

      Corbin Lutz was undecided until she watched the final debate. She says Romney has her vote because Obama hasn't made any changes when it comes to domestic issues, and says the country is worse off than it was before he took office.

      "I think that he is business-minded, forward thinking, and he has the challenge; he doesn't have to speak up for what he's done the last four years," said Lutz.

      President Obama and Governor Romney both say they are the right candidate for the job.

      They have less than two weeks to sway people's minds and gain the people's vote.