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      Locals suspects in celebrity extortion

      Courtesy The Smoking Gun

      A Marquette man and woman are the target of a criminal complaint for Internet extortion.

      Scott Edward Sippola and Allison Lenore Coss have been named in a federal investigation involving a television and Broadway actor. The name of the celebrity is not in the federal court documents , but according to publications, the person in the files, referred to as "Mr. X," is actor John Stamos.

      Sippola and Coss are both charged with intent to extort money from a person, transmitted in interstate commerce, a communication containing a threat to injure the reputation of another person.

      The complaint states that on or about November 28 of this year, Mr. X contacted the FBI office in Nashville saying he was the subject of a scheme to extort money from him. In the complaint, it says Mr. X was vacationing in Florida in 2004 and met Allison Coss and a friend he knew as 'Qynn'.

      Mr. X attended a party with them, and photographs were taken during the party.

      Through a series of emails with a 'Brian L," the complaint says a threat was made to sell the pictures to the media if Mr. X did not buy them for $680,000.

      Last Wednesday, the FBI set up a meeting with 'Brian L' at Sawyer International Airport in the area of Boreal Aviation to exchange the money. Coss and Sippola were in a pick-up truck in the area of the meeting. They were both arrested.

      They have a preliminary hearing in Federal District Court set for December 17 in Marquette.

      Read the entire court document here.

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