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      Location change for Isle Royale visitor's center

      Isle Royale National Park is relocating their visitor's center from their offices on Lakeshore Drive to the Chamber of Commerce building in Houghton.

      The current visitor center building is only a temporary building that is not made to withstand the extreme winter conditions. Isle Royale officials say they took the opportunity to move to a new office in the hopes of having more foot traffic.

      There will still be staff at the waterfront for departure and arrivals of the Ranger III. Officials say the move is advantageous for making the center more visible.

      "Our location down here on the waterfront is kind of sheltered," said Liz Valencia, Chief of Cultural Resources. "People don't always know we're here, so this was a great chance for us to be up on the main street, be more visible, contact more visitors and potential visitors, and hand out some really great info. We thought it was a great opportunity."

      The visitor center is scheduled to have the move completed by the end of May.