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      Logging Festival

      Celebrations started early Sunday afternoon with a parade on Riverside Avenue. Fifty floats participated and even the alumni and Marinette High School bands marched, too. However, that's just the start of the 3rd Annual Logging Festival.

      "It's a great family event and this time of the year people are looking for something to do after the 4th, so we're happy that we have this in our town," said Jeff Skorik.

      The Logging festival is a way to educate the community about their logging, lumbering, and Native Americans built the area.

      "Logging is very, very rich in our community. In fact, the island that we're standing on, what used to be a logging community, almost, and the logging mill was right in the place of where our museum is right now," said Judy Alwin, festival chair.

      After the parade, festivities continued on Stephenson Island with food music and games. They even had a lumberjack show where they showed the audience how it was done in the old days.

      "It's important to keep the history alive because this is how we started. We have a lot of generations in this area, so we're kind of learning about our city as well as our own background," said Bethany Skorik.