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      Logging truck driver found guilty of killing two Escanaba residents, sentenced

      The logging truck driver involved in a fatal crash in Gladstone in March of last year was sentenced today. Harley Durocher ran a red light at the US-2 and 41 and South Hill Road intersection, killing Thomas and Barbra Swift of Escanaba.

      Durocher received five to 15 years for each of the two counts of operating on a suspended license causing death. For two counts of reckless driving causing death he received 5 and a half to 15 years in prison, each. Also, for two counts of operating with the presence of a controlled substance causing death, Durocher received 3 to 15 years. Each of these terms are to be served concurrently.

      Judge Davis handed down the sentence after a tearful statement from the Swiftâ??s daughter, Patty.

      â??Harley Durocher you did this,â?? she said. â??I want you to have a sense of what you took away from me, my brother and my children. You changed our lives forever.â??

      Judge Davis denied the defenseâ??s request for a retrial.