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      Logistics company opens in Houghton

      A billion dollar company is setting up its satellite inside MTEC SmartZone.

      Itâ??s called Dematic and the company designs, develops, manufactures and implements logistics systems.

      â??We help our customers in their distribution centers with the moving of product, and we develop both the software and the hardware systems to help support that,â?? said Jeffrey Lines, engineering manager of research and development for Dematic.

      "V irtually any type of industry has warehouse distributions. We do the work of the equipment and build the equipment inside those warehouses which allow you to get packages from trucks to trucks as they go from region to region," said David Berghorn, executive vice presdent of product development at Dematic.

      The company is employing 11 Michigan Tech students this summer, and they are working on various models like this conveyer system. As the students update the information, they can share it with other Dematic employees nationwide.

      â??Looking at the area, we decided that strategically to have an office here so that we could hire students part-time while they go to school and help develop and train them so that once they graduate we can retain them as full-time engineers," Lines said.

      As time goes on, Dematic says they plan to expand the office and stay in Houghton which will create even more engineering jobs.