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      Lokken triumphs at tragedy-riddled Boston Marathon

      The Boston Marathon has become the target of terrorism. At least three people are dead and dozens injured after powerful explosions went off near the finish line.

      Tracy Lokken of Marquette ran the Boston Marathon Tuesday, having already crossed the finish line, but was back at his hotel when the bombs went off. He said he was resting when he got the news.

      "I got back to my room and was just resting and licking my wounds from the race when I got a text message congratulating me. Then I got another text message asking what the heck is going on. Two bombs went off at the marathon. So I turned on the TV and sure enough, there was smoke," said Lokken. Lokken finished 31st overall and 1st in his division with a time of 2:22.27. He returns to Marquette Tuesday.