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      Long hard winter hinders wine

      U.P. wineries are dealing with the effects of the long harsh winter. The Mackinaw Trail Winery in Manistique has lost some of its crops for this season . Some of its vineyards were unharmed, but others are seeing up to an 80 percent loss. The winery planted several hybrid crops that can survive in the cold and snow to reduce their losses. They're still serving 20-13's harvest, but customers might not see some wines later in the season.

      "This fall is when we're really going to see that reduction so there might be some minor changes. We might not have chardonnay on the list, we might not have some cabernets that we normally would serve, but for the most part nothing changes," said Mackinaw Trail Winery President, Ralph Stabile.

      Stabile said the season has not been delayed at all due to the weather. The winery is already open for the 2014 season and will be open through the fall.