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      Long road for inmate who won big case

      A prison inmate who won an unprecedented case at the Michigan Supreme Court won't get an easy road to parole. It's possible he won't be released at all.

      Matthew Makowski has been in prison 25 years for arranging a robbery that caused the fatal stabbing of a co-worker in Dearborn.

      In 2010, Gov. Jennifer Granholm commuted his no-parole sentence, making him eligible for release, but she changed her mind. The Supreme Court last week said Granholm's reversal was illegal.

      Corrections Department spokesman Russ Marlan tells The Associated Press the parole board decided Makowski must start the process from scratch. It means the board or a judge could veto any consideration and make him wait years for another look at his case.

      An email seeking comment was sent to Makowski's attorney.