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      Long time Halloween party another success

      Children and parents played games for candy and prizes this Halloween at the 27th Annual Chocolay Lions Halloween Party which took place at Cherry Creek Elementary in Harvey with over a dozen games to play. Children won a variety of sweets and toys and could take a break from the games to have a hot dog and cookies before getting back out to win more prizes. The Lions Club puts this party on every year to provide the community with a fun, safe place to celebrate Halloween.

      "Well, we just plan it every year. Like I said, we've been doing it for several years now, 26 years. So you add to it, you throw out what doesn't work, and you add what's going to be fun for them and hopefully they'll have a good time," said Pete LaRue of the Chocolay Lions.

      In addition to the Lions Club, several organizations participate in putting on the party such as NMU hockey players and Teaching Family Homes.