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      Longer school days, or more school days?

      The harsh weather we've endured this winter caused many schools to close numerous times.

      In some cases, schools are now required to make up days missed, because they went over their allotted snow days.

      Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent Bill Saunders has said the district is receiving a number of inquiries as to the date for the last day of school.

      Saunders says although all calendar events will talk place as scheduled, some days may have to be made up.

      How and when they are made up is yet to be determined.

      "So at this point, we would be extending days, unless the state does maybe possibly step in and forgive a day or two. Or maybe allows us just to add some time to the end of the school day, we could do that also," said Saunders.

      Marquette Area Public Schools has decided to wait a couple more weeks to decide when the final day of school will be.

      Saunders says the State of Michigan is reviewing the issue, and will offer their decision in the near future.