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      Looking for last minute meal items?

      A number of area grocers are open on Monday, just in case you forgot any items for your holiday feast.

      Jubilee Foods in Ishpeming was one of those stores open on Christmas Eve. Employees were at work, helping customers find what they needed.

      Managers from the store say this past weekend was very busy and Monday's shoppers were in a hurry.

      "You can see the urgency today being that it is Christmas Eve," said manager Dustin Gransinger. "People come in, running around asking lots of questions because they just want to get it and get home because they've got either baking to do yet or presents to wrap so they're in a hurry."

      Jubilee Foods in Ishpeming will be open until 8 p.m. on Monday, if you still need to get some items. They will be closed for Christmas day.