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      Looking for self defense, but don't want to carry a gun?

      Thanks to a new law, Michigan residents can now carry a taser.

      The law went into effect on Monday making it legal to have a taser if you have a concealed pistol license. This gives people another option to defend themselves without having to use deadly force or a firearm.

      Civilian tasers can reach a maximum of 15 feet and last for 30 seconds. Officials said that this time frame will give you enough leeway to get out and go for safety if you find yourself having to use a taser.

      "It disrupts the motor nerves that are sent from the brain to the arms, the legs so that they won't operate...the person will usually freeze up, they will fall over, but then no longer can pursue you," said Taser Instructor Dave Kent.

      The cost of obtaining a taser is $400 which includes the price of the taser and one hour of training.