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      Looking for tips on spring car care?

      As the season slowly turns to spring, area car dealers and service centers are offering up some spring car care tips.

      Harsh winter road conditions can have a big impact on your vehicle. We spoke to Jim Grundstrom of Frei Chevrolet in Marquette and he had some tips on spring maintenance for your ride.

      He said replacing your worn wiper blades, washing your undercarriage and checking the treads on your tires are all part of year-round car care. Grundstrom also said many service centers in the area can give your car a checkup for little or no cost.

      "If they're going to be going in for their normal oil change or tire rotation interval anyway, ask the service facility to do a 27-point inspection. We all offer, I'm sure, some version of a 27-point inspection and we generally off that as a no charge service to our customers when they come in," said Grundstrom.

      Grundstrom also said that letting minor automotive issues pile up can lead to some hefty bills down the road.