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      Looking good, feeling better

      Many people want to look younger again. But the idea of a facelift can be frightening, not to mention costly. There are safe and faster alternatives.

      If you want facelift results without the pain or cost, a nonsurgical facelift at a local spa may be right for you. Tonya Williams, a Certified Massage Therapist, says, "We do what we call a mini-facelift. It's non-invasive. It's a cream-based cloth that we actually place on your face. It helps lift, rejuvenate, hydrate, reduce fine lines. It's an instant facelift."

      Williams says the cloths are made with 30 natural botanicals including aloe, chamomile, green tea, coneflower and ginseng. Homemade recipes can be found online, or you can visit your local spa for a pampering treatment.

      Unlike other treatments, there's no paralyses of muscles. The mask is placed just below the hairline, underneath the lower eyelids and extends past the chin to almost an inch below the jaw line.

      Tonya Williams says the treatment takes 45 minutes. She adds that once a month is recommended to receive cumulative benefits.