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      Looking to luge? Track needs help getting ready

      The Lucy Hill luge track is almost ready, but they need some volunteers to help.

      Now that the luge track in Negaunee has enough snow, but organizers need help watering the track down and packing the snow along the boards. They hope to have the track open this Friday, but these next few days are critical.

      The luge track is 800 meters long and there is plenty of work yet to be done.

      "We need as many volunteers as we can get we have about 1,000 feet of hose so if we can get one person per one hundred feet of hose getting water on the track. That will help us build ice sooner, we need people to put out hay bales, and there's something for everyone here," said luge track coach Tammy Wills.

      They're also asking hikers and snowmobilers to stay off of Lucy Hill for the next few days.

      Volunteers with snow shoes are needed Wednesday night, and warm refreshments will be provided. They will have the lights on as they work well into the night.