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      Looking to luge?

      Temperatures weren't the only thing going down on Lucy Hill's opening night. Lucy Hill in Negaunee opened January 20 with a free open house. The hill opened later than usual this year because of the lack of snow, but snowy weather in early January made conditions just right.

      The track took two weeks of intensive labor to create, but thanks to a team of volunteers from the Upper Peninsula Luge Club, the track is ready for action.

      "We need about 16 inches of snow before we can pack and make the track," says Tammy Wills, a U.S. National Track Coach at Lucy Hill. "So the last week we had volunteers out here, some nights around the clock, building our track, making ice."

      Personal training sessions with a nationally certified track coach are available, but all lugers must undergo a short safety and training course.

      Lugers of all levels of experience looking to have fun are welcome at Lucy Hill, including beginners like me. After a quick training course, I was ready to hit the hill myself for my first luge run.

      While I may not have been the best luger out there, it was an exciting first luge run, and I only crashed twice. And like me, you don't have to come prepared.

      "All families need to do is come dressed warm," Wills says. "We provide all of the equipment: the helmets, shoes, sleds, and instruction."

      Information on Lucy Hill's hours and prices can be found on their Facebook page or at