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      Lose the training wheels

      Young bicycle riders needed a little push Monday as they learned to ride for the very first time. Thanks to a weeklong bike camp, volunteers from the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) helped 15 kids with disabilities pedal and turn their bikes at the Lakeview Arena in Marquette. The camp kicked off Monday. The children will first learn on adaptive trainer bikes before graduating to the big leagues by the end of the week. Organizers say learning to ride a bike is a crucial skill, especially for those with disabilities.

      "You fit in with your peers and friends. It builds self confidence. There's decision making being done by riding a bike. For some of these riders, getting a drivers license is not going to be an option, so it's a mode of transportation for them eventually," said Karin Hansard, the Chairwoman of SEPAC.

      The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee, sponsored by Marquette Alger Regional Education Service Agency (MARESA), puts on the camp each year.