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      Lost buildings come to life

      Howard Froebel School Marquette Regional History Center photo

      If a picture is worth a thousand words, Friday night's presentation will echo for miles. That is when a photographer and historian will showcase over 200 slides of Marquette's lost buildings.

      â??We literally show the oldest 1850 photographs of what Marquette looked like before the fire of '68,â?? said Jack Deo. â??Our oldest photographs are about 1851, 1852.â??

      Lost Buildings explores the architectural history of Upper Michiganâ??s great city along with the stories behind a building's end. Stops include the old Opera House on Washington and the Howard-Froebel School on Ridge Street.

      â??We're going to show almost 50 incredible buildings that use to be in Marquette,â?? the photographer explained. â??We're going to show over 200 images.â??

      The history center spent over 100 hours sifting through their own archives, adding astonishing material, sure to captivate any audience.

      â??We first launched the show in January and we had such a great turnout at Kaufman Auditorium; nearly sold it out, close to 600 people attended,â?? said Sarah Janda, the Capital Campaign manager for the Marquette Regional History Center. â??A lot of the positive feedback was that it was such a great show; we'd love to see it again.â??

      And the best part is the show's unique setting.

      â??This time we're having it on our (History Center) green space. We're hoping that it has a festival, outdoor drive-in movie theater feel to it,â?? Janda excitedly added.

      Those interested can bring blankets and chairs to Friday night's hour-long presentation. The lawn area opens at 9:30 p.m. and the show begins at 10. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $12 or $10 in advance at the History Center or on their website: The History Center is located at 145 W. Spring St. in Marquette and their phone number is (906) 226-3571.