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      Lost buildings of Marquette

      The Marquette Regional History Center is holding a special event called, "Lost Buildings, Gone but not Forgotten." It's a presentation of Marquette's historic buildings, being held at the Kaufman Auditorium.

      The program offers more than 240 pictures of 50 lost buildings that don't exist today. They'll also show areas where these buildings use to be, like parking lots and new buildings.

      The old buildings were all made of sandstone--a rare thing to find in structures across the U.S.

      "I hope people take an appreciation for the historical aspect of Marquette. I also think they'll have a lot of fun because there's really interesting, quirky stories to tell about the buildings," said presenter, Jim Koski.

      The event is a fundraiser for the Marquette Regional History Center and takes place Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Kaufman Auditorium. The cost is $12.