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      Love of art lives on

      One man's legacy lives on this week through an art camp.

      Marquette Attorney Keith Swanson, who was an art lover, passed away last year from a head injury. His family asked that donations in his name be sent to Liberty Children's Art Project's Summer Camp.

      All of those donations added up and provided the camp with an extra $2,000.

      "The Liberty Children's Art Program really supports local art and teaching young children the importance of art. And it was important for us growing up, so it was really great to see that money go somewhere that is going to help kids appreciate art and maybe make it an outlet for them growing up," said Keith Swanson's son, Jason.

      The camp is completely funded in Keith's honor, and it's welcoming about 150 kids this week, which is the most they've ever had.

      After talking to Keith's family, it's clear that this is where he would have wanted the donations to go. And judging by all the kids who stopped by this week, it's easy to see that they're grateful for the experience.

      "Well, I like how they donated, and I liked how they helped us make it, so we could be in the group. It's just really fun when you're with other people who can draw just as good as you," said camp participant Lidya Kennedy.

      Without the donations made in Swanson's name, organizers said money would have been tight. And, in fact, they were thinking of shortening the two-week camp to just one. Fortunately, they didn't have to.

      "I think he'd be pleased. I think he'd be extremely happy to see kids that may not otherwise be able to get this type of opportunity receiving this," Swanson added.

      The second week of camp starts August 13.