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      Love thy neighbor

      Parishioners of different faiths attended mass, together. The parishioners, originating from six different churches, came together for an Ecumenical Service at Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette.

      The Good Friday service, hosted by the Marquette Clergy Association, focused on the "Passion of Our Lord" from the perspective of St. Luke.

      Parishioners in attendance said they enjoyed having others from different faiths worshiping together.

      "I think it's really a good thing for people to get to know other services and religions. But I think we have to be tolerable and really just try to get along with our neighbors. That's what the good Lord tells us to do: love our neighbors," said parishioner Elry Reetz.

      The MCA said this is the second year this gathering has occurred.

      After seeing the initial success gained from last year, they hope to make this an annual event.