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      Low vision patients offered free presentation

      Low vision patients are those who have reduced vision even after using the best possible spectacle or contact lens correction available.

      At Superior Eye Health Center in Marquette Township, they strive to serve those individuals.

      "It really is designed for that patient who's been told that there's nothing else that can help them," said Heidi Johnson O.D., a developmental optometrist. "They've been to the retinal specialist, had any surgical procedures that are available to them and conventional glasses just don't solve their needs anymore."

      From simple tasks like seeing the nutrition facts labels on food items to reading books, these are the problems that low vision patients commonly face.

      "My vision plays tricks on me. Letters start moving in with each other. If I went to read a book, it's page after page. And the first page is better, the second page gets a little worse, and it seems like the letters are not as clear after the third and fourth pages," said Dick Anderson, low vision patient.

      Patients can get help with these problems. And through an agreement with adaptive technology resources, the company is provided with demonstration units. Specialists find the appropriate device to help with the patient's tasks.

      "We look at what vision you have, and if there's a way of maximizing that vision," Johnson said.

      Whether it's electronic or optical magnification, each device can help the patient see things easier, helping to defend their independence.

      Most insurance companies cover the eye exam, including Medicare and Medicaid.

      They're holding a free eye care presentation on October 25, featuring hands-on demonstrations of the adaptive technology and information on eye diseases. The presentation will last from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will be located at Superior Eye Health Center, 2822 Venture Drive in Marquette Township. Call (906) 228-4401.