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      Low wage and insurance payments make unions speak out

      NMU employees who disapprove of low wage jobs on campus spent the day picketing for support. They rallied with signs in front of the Cohodas building on campus Monday afternoon. Union workers say the middle class is taking a hit, working for minimum wage and paying for costly health care. An organizer says without significant pay raise, employees simply can't afford the rising premium costs and co-pays.

      "We just can't take it anymore. The money's not in our budget for the health insurance; the university has to stop asking its lowest paid employees to fund some of the cuts they're experiencing on the state level. The solution really is a living wage for my employees--a healthy working class benefits everybody," said UAW Local 1950 NMU Chapter President, Michelle Kimball.

      The group has held a monthly informational picket since the beginning of the year.