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      Lumberjack show draws a crowd

      The U.P. Rec Show is going on now in Marquette, but there's one part that's especially drawing a crowd.

      It's the Great Lakes Timber Show at Lakeview Arena. The family-friendly show features many lumberjack activities and traditions, including axe throwing, cross cutting, and log rolling. It's meant to be both fun and educational. Since 1985, the show owner, Bruce Belanger, has toured the country performing in all venues, from state fairs to elementary schools. He works with his nephew Brandon and Missy, a former national women's log rolling champion.

      "It's always fun to make people laugh and get their mind off their problems for a while, so that's pretty rewarding for me," said Belanger.

      The Great Lakes Timber Show will also be performing later this year at the U.P. State Fair and the Marquette County Fair.