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      Lundin goes airborne to look underground

      Lundin Mining is conducting land surveys near the Eagle Mine Project in northern Marquette County. Contractors CCG have attached an 800 pound 30 foot long survey instrument to a helicopter for use south of the Eagle Mine project. The equipment uses electromagnetic signals to determine the makeup of rock layers just below the surface. According to Lundin representatives, they've done this surveying before; this last part is just filling in the gaps near Eagle Mine.

      "Aerial surveys are really just the step in finding any mineralization; if they find something of interest, the next step would be boots on the ground. But, really, at this point we're just trying to get a better idea of what's right below the earth's surface," said Dan Blondeau of Lundin Mining.

      The surveying will be completed within the next few days. The data from the survey will take six to eight weeks to compile.