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      Lundin mill uses large crane

      As construction continues at the Humboldt mill site, Lundin Mining has brought in one of the biggest cranes in North America.

      The Terex D-Meg 6800 Crawler crane is on site thanks to a company called Deep South based in Louisiana. It can lift up to 1,400 tons thanks to a counter weight of 1.7 million pounds. The crane will be used to assemble the fine ore bins that will hold four million pounds of ore once the mill is operational. It takes a specialized crew to run the crane, and when it's running, other workers take notice.

      "It's an impressive machine to see operate; people stand back in awe. You don't find this at a lot of construction sites in the U.P. in particular, and it's the biggest piece of equipment we've had on site to date. It's designed specifically for tight spaces which we have here at the mill. There's a lot going on, so this crane is the perfect fit for the job," said Lundin spokesman, Dan Blondeau.

      Even the construction of the crane was massive. It took 85 truckloads and a 300-ton crane to build the bigger crane. The crane should be on site at the mill for another month.