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      Lundin's Humboldt Mill halfway done and hiring

      Construction continues at Lundin's Humboldt Mill in western Marquette County. Eagle Mine officials report the mill is just over 50 percent complete.

      Progress. Eagle Mine officials say the mill should be ready for production in late 2014.

      "Construction here at the Humboldt Mill is really going great. It's amazing to see the progress since July. The site transforms every single day. Just looking forward to the work over the winter months and as we go into spring," said Eagle spokesman, Dan Blondeau.

      Spokesman Blondeau took me for a tour of the exterior of the mill. This old structure is undergoing some serious renovation, costing about $20 million a month for Lundin. Most of that money is going right back into Marquette County.

      "You can see that the mill has been resided and reroofed and that's to help the workers over the winter," Blondeau said.

      When it's ready, trucks will bring ore from the Eagle Mine near Big Bay to the Humboldt Mill where it will be separated into copper and nickel, then railed away on a new railroad currently under construction. This rail will cross over the nearby highway and connect to existing rails.

      "So typically right now, we have about 200 people on site working. During the peak construction this winter, we'll have roughly 400 people a day working to bring Eagle into production," Blondeau said.

      That's double the number of employees by December. Blondeau says that when the Eagle Mine and Humboldt Mill are in full production starting in late 2014, there will be about 250 full-time employees.

      Learn more about employment at the Eagle Mine website and through Pure Michigan Talent Connect.

      Hiring those full-time employees for production will likely begin in spring 2014. Hiring of construction workers for the winter will be in the next few months.

      "The pace of development at the mill itself here is striking. It's been a complete transformation since July, and over the course of the winter, we're going to see a lot more activity going on here," Blondeau said.

      Workers will continue construction through the winter season and are on schedule to finish by the end of 2014.