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      M-28 is still a white out

      Tuesday's winter storm left many digging out their cars and homes on Wednesday. M-28 has been closed from Harvey to Wetmore due to strong winds and poor visibility. It's a blizzard out there. Many trees along M-28 were weighed down with the heavy snow and some were bent from the strong winds. Some brave souls have to drive through the mess to get to their homes, but for others, the road is closed due to dangerous conditions. Despite the snowfall, the road is actually pretty clear. The strong winds are pushing it right off the road, minimizing accumulation, but also greatly reducing visibility. Harvey reported a 46 mile per hour wind gust on Wednesday. Sustained winds across much of the rest of Marquette County were between 20 to 30 miles per hour. "Had I known it was as bad as it is... I thought it had cleared up and I had to go into town, but once I'm home I'm going to stay put," said Kim Danielson of Chocolay Township. Just to the west in Marquette, conditions have been a little calmer, giving many the opportunity to clean up or have some fun. "It's kind of fun because we don't have school and we don't like school," said six-year-old Gloria Traktman of Marquette alongside her four-year-old sister, Avi. The kids aren't the only ones enjoying the snow either. Others enjoy the exercise from shoveling and time outdoors. "This is great weather. It's fun being this close to the lake and enjoying all the elements," said Jeff Smith of Marquette. Lillian Heldreth has lived in Marquette for about 40 years. She says she loves the fresh blanket of snow. "This is the first time in two winters that this place has looked normal to me. I like to see this much snow because that's what the U.P. means to me," said Heldreth. Marquette, along with much of the U.P., has quite a bit more shoveling and plowing to do before roads and sidewalks are clear. "I prayed for a little snow...well, we got it," Smith added.