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      Magic Bus Tour brings historic Marquette to life

      Children of all ages had the chance to go back in time on Wednesday to see Marquette as it were hundreds of years ago.

      Leaving from the Marquette Regional History Center, kids took a magic bus tour through historic Marquette.

      â??A lot of history to tell you about Marquette, but I am not going to bore you with too many factsâ?? said Betsy Rutz, History Center Educator. â??We are going to fill you with some facts, but really, a lot of fun.â??

      The tour was all about having fun. Five stops along the way gave kids the chance to make crafts, play games and eat snacks. They also had the opportunity to interact with some characters from Marquette's past.

      The goal of the magic bus tour is to show kids that learning can be fun and they live in a great place.

      â??What they see is just the tip of the icebergâ?? said Chip Truscon, the actor playing Peter White. â??There is so much history here.â??

      Each character, like Peter White, had wisdom to pass on to the group.

      â??I want kids to understand that there is a tradition of philanthropy and giving that they need to carry onâ?? said Truscon.

      The bus made stops at the county courthouse, Peter White's grave in the cemetery, the Dandelion Cottage and the old ore dock, to name a few.

      â??History has a real living side to it and for them to better understand their community, their role in the community and the institutions, they have to understand the history that created this communityâ?? said Truscon.

      For more information on the magic bus tour and the history center, visit their website: