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      Mail carriers to collect meals

      The United States Postal Service is holding its 20th annual food drive on Saturday.

      The event is the nation's largest annual food drive, and letter carriers from the Marquette area will be giving the food to local pantries.

      On Saturday, the Postal Service is asking residents to leave non-perishable food items in a bag or box near their mailbox in the morning, and the carriers will pick them up.

      "I think it's great. I mean Saturday's a busy day for us, but we all have a lot of fun, and we know that we're doing a good thing for the community, and it makes us feel good," said Larry Kuhn, letter carrier.

      Local food pantries are in need of food in the spring and summer months as the winter has left them with depleted supplies in most areas. For last year's food drive, the Postal Service dropped off more than 14,000 pounds of food to five local agencies.