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      Major piece of Gwinn restored

      Gwinn clock tower being restored

      On Tuesday, a piece of history was restored in Gwinn.

      The Gwinn clock tower has been placed back in its rightful spot--on top of the building that is now the police station.

      Gwinn has been without the clock tower for 23 years after the original one was removed in 1990 due to safety hazards. Over five years ago, the clock tower restoration committee got together to raise funds to bring back the one piece of the puzzle that they say was missing from the historic town.

      On Tuesday, those in the community came out to see the last piece of the clock tower being put in place.

      "It has been a big part of Gwinn," said committee member Gerry Stille. "It's Gwinn's signature landmark, and it has been like the missing front tooth in Gwinn."

      The original clock tower began being built in 1907. All of the funds raised to restore the tower came from donations and community members, and the finishing bricks will be place on the new tower by 2014.