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      Makayla Mayo soon to be released from the hospital

      Miles for Makayla is still going strong.

      On Saturday, a group of friends organized a fundraiser at Sands Speedway for 18-year-old Makayla Mayo of Gwinn, currently at the University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor recovering from a brain aneurism. Every driver donated their payment to Miles for Makayla. The speedway also donated one dollar for every admission, and the group raised money through raffle prizes. Makayla's friends report that they raised over $4,000 for the Mayo family.

      "Events like this are really what show how strong our community is, especially when it comes to someone like her. She's one of the best kids I've ever met in my life and she's just a great person. When it comes to a community rally, this is what it takes is events like this," said Makayla's friend Ross Olsen, Jr.

      There is more good news. Makayla is reportedly doing great and is scheduled to be released from the hospital this upcoming Friday, August 16. Learn more about how you can help on Facebook.